Clown Costume Ideas for You

clown costume ideas, clown costumes, clown fun, clowningLooking for  perfect clown costume  so you can steal the show this Halloween?
The party starts here where you can find the latest in guaranteed awesome clown fashions and fun accessories at
Everyone loves a clown and we have also collected tons of resouces and tips you can use to be the center of attention, but first you need the right look.

Your Color Circus

Whether you order that special costume ready made or you put together your own clown outfit piecemeal, you’ll want lots of color.

But not just any run of the mill colors will do.  You’ll need crimson, ruby red, bright turquoise, fuchsia pink with metallic gold, and some polka dotted hot magenta. 

Splash in some blaze orange,  chartreuse yellow or harlequin green and you’ll have delicious combinations that will dazzle everyone.

Sparkle up your costume with finds from your local sewing store where they have lots of ribbons and close out materials at cheap prices.  Dig down in their bins and boxes if you must because that’s where you’ll probably find the real treasures.

You can use those materials to make striking scarfs, sashes and headbands as well as handkerchiefs and shoe covers. The tiniest details matter.

Advantages for  Dressing Up As a Clown

But one of the biggest advantages for dressing up as a clown this Halloween is you don’t have to worry about size.

Most costumes are one size fits all and that means they’re comfortable.  That’s  important if you’re planning on wearing it a lot  as you hit the party circuit. 

Who  needs another pirate wench costume anyway?  Do you really want to lose five pounds so you can look like everyone else? 

Make sure your costume  is cool and won’t get you too hot.  Late October can still be quite warm in many areas.

Clown Accessoriesclown costume ideas, clown costumes ideas, clown costumes,

Just as accessories can make or break any outfit, they can certainly put you over the big top in clowning.

You can add clown bow ties,  hats, shoes and let’s not forget face paint, makeup and wigs. 

Choose your own wig in rainbow colors to match your special clown personality or change personalities as you change wigs and hats.

One Last Reminder: Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

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